This page describes the data management policies we follow in the course of running the VAddy services. We will promptly update this page to incorporate any future policy changes. This page does not guarantee a constant level of service, nor does it comprise a part of VAddy’s Terms of Use.

Our facilities and operating environment

  • VAddy uses Amazon Web Services (“AWS”). Your crawl data, scan data, and other account information is securely stored in VAddy’s Virtual Private Cloud on AWS.
  • We constantly update all of the libraries and other software used by the VAddy services. We also apply security patches for operating systems and middleware as soon as they are released.

Our use of your crawl and scan data

  • We do not—without your permission—access any identifying information (such as URLs and parameters) related to the crawl data that VAddy uses to scan your site and the vulnerabilities that VAddy finds.
  • We may only access the aforementioned information if you have asked us to check on your account and given us permission to do so in advance.
  • Only staff members with administrative privileges on VAddy’s systems (VAddy’s system administrators) can access your data as described above. No other staff members or third parties, including external vendors, are able to access your data.
  • Even when accessing your data as described above, VAddy’s system administrators will never download it to their local machines or to external media of any kind.
  • We do not crawl or scan your servers without your permission.
  • VAddy only retains your crawl and scan data for as long as you can access it under your current plan; after that, it will be automatically deleted.
  • If you downgrade to a plan with a shorter log history, VAddy automatically deletes any crawl and scan data that you can no longer access under the new plan.
  • If you unregister a FQDN (server information), VAddy automatically deletes all crawl and scan data linked to that FQDN.
  • We cannot recover any data that has been automatically deleted as described above, that you have manually deleted yourself, or that you have asked us to delete on your behalf.
  • We may collect and use anonymous statistics related to the VAddy services.

Our use of your billing and payment data

  • All credit card numbers, expiration dates, and other payment information you provide on VAddy’s website are sent to—and retained by—a credit card processor’s systems. None of this information is stored on VAddy’s systems.

Enacted: 9/7/2015
Bitforest. Co., Ltd.
VAddy Executive Office