Bitforest Personal Information Protection Policy

The Notion of Personal Information Protection

Bitforest Co.,Ltd.'s (hereafter this company's) primary business activities are centered on website content and system planning, development and management, as well as server hosting and related consulting services. Through these business activities, the company acquires personal information from customers and keeps the personal information of its own employees (hereafter personal information). Personal information is a valuable informational asset for this company, and this company recognizes the reliable protection of this personal information as an important social duty. Therefore, this company will handle all personal information acquired through business activities according to the following policy. This company will fulfill this social duty and provide a “sense of security” to its employees and customers with regards to personal information.


1. Regarding the acquisition, usage and provision of personal information

2. Regarding laws, ordinances, and guidelines stipulated by the government and other standards (hereafter laws and ordinances etc.)

This company is endeavoring to always have an understanding of laws and ordinances etc. relating to handling personal information, and they are well known and adhered to by employees engaged in this company's business (hereafter employees).

3. Relating to the safe management of personal information

4. Regarding complaints and consultations

A point of contact for inquiries about personal information has been created for complaints and consultations about personal information, and a system that can quickly respond to them has been created. These complaints and consultations will be handled with sincerity.

5. Regarding continuous improvement

Enacted: 12/1/2009
Bitforest. Co., Ltd.

Point of Contact for Inquiries about Personal Information

Kandabashi PR-EX 8F, 3 Kandanishikicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 Japan
Bitforest Co.,Ltd. Point of Contact for Inquiries about Personal Information
Point of Contact for Inquiries about Personal Information
Phone: +081-3-5577-2032 (weekdays 10:30–17:30)
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Personal Information Protection Manager: Tokiichi Takao

On the handling of personal information:

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