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Quickstart Guide for Continuous Web Security Testing with VAddy

You can set up VAddy in 3 easy steps.
None of these settings require security scanning expertise.

Registering and Verifying Your Server

In this step, you will register and verify the server that you would like to scan

Registering and Verifying Your Server


In this step, you will crawl a sequence of URLs and record them with VAddy's servers.

If you are using E2E testing tool such as Selenium, you only need to add two URLs to your configuration file: one to start crawling and one to stop crawling.



In this step, VAddy will run security scans based on the information recorded in Step 2.

You can either scan your server automatically via Jenkins and the web API or manually via VAddy's management console.

ScanningIntegrating with Jenkins and Using the Web API

Do not use VAddy to scan your production environment.

If you will be scanning a server on AWS, please complete and submit the AWS Vulnerability / Penetration Testing Request Form.

How to request authorization for penetration testing on AWS: Penetration Testing (AWS Security Center)

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