Continuous Web Security Testing Service “VAddy”
Surpasses 1,000 Registered Users

VAddy’s User Base Now Spans 58 Countries Worldwide

TOKYO, October 27, 2016—Bitforest Co., Ltd. today announced that its continuous web security testing service, VAddy (, recently reached a milestone with 1,000 registered user accounts.

Following the release of a Japanese beta in October 2014 and an English beta in April 2015, VAddy’s premium plans were officially launched in September 2015. During the ensuing year, VAddy received regular updates in response to feedback from its growing user base. As of October 2016, VAddy has over 1,000 users in 58 countries worldwide (according to Google Analytics data).

User Growth

User Growth

About VAddy

VAddy is a cloud-based service that allows web application developers to easily run their own security tests. Using a proprietary vulnerability scanning engine that incorporates machine learning techniques, VAddy can automatically model the behavior of the web applications it scans. Unlike many conventional security testing tools, VAddy does not require extensive information security experience to set up and start scanning for vulnerabilities.

VAddy has also been optimized for use with continuous integration (CI) tools and services. By incorporating VAddy into existing CI workflows, companies can run their own continuous security tests automatically.

VAddy offers both free and paid pricing tiers. All plans include support for cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection vulnerabilities; the Standard ($100/month) and Professional ($300/month) plans also include support for remote file inclusion (RFI), command injection, and directory traversal vulnerabilities.

“We want VAddy to be the ‘obvious’ security testing solution for web application developers,” said Katsuya Nishino, Bitforest’s Public Relations Director for VAddy. “By growing VAddy’s user base, we hope to establish a continuous security testing culture among web application developers, reduce the number of security incidents caused by vulnerable web applications, and ultimately make the web a safer place.”

About Bitforest Co.,Ltd.

Bitforest Co., Ltd. is a web application security company that has been designing, developing, running, and consulting on web sites and internet systems since February 2002. Tokiichi Takao is the company’s current president and CEO. More information on Bitforest can be found at its English website,, or its Japanese website,

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